Meet our Optometrists

There are eleven optometrists practicing at Paterson Burn. Each of our optometrists work between two or three different locations. Please feel free to ask to see a specific optometrist, and we will try find an appointment to accommodate your request. Each optometrist is highly qualified with a variety of experience and special interests in the world of optometry.

Languages spoken:

English, Mandarin, Spanish, Maori and Afrikaans.

“About Our Optometrists...”

Interview with Kim Stedman, Optometrist at Paterson Burn



Nicola Dunn

Nicola has been practicing optometry for over 20 years. She has continued to learn throughout her career, and has furthered her studies in ocular therapeutics. She also has a special interest in children’s vision.

Rodney Stedall

Rodney specialises in low vision and runs the Low Vision Clinic. He emigrated from South Africa in 2009, where he consulted at the Pretoria Eye Institute. Rodney is fluent in Afrikaans.

Damian Koppens

Damian is a contact lens specialist, with a specific focus on orthokeratology and dry eye treatment. Damian is also Paterson Burn’s clinical director.  

David Burn

Having studied at Manchester University, David moved to NZ and started working with Paterson Burn in 1989. He is one of our children’s vision specialists and also on speciality contact lenses. 

Jo Arthur

Jo has practiced optometry since 1994 & has worked in several Waikato locations, also gaining experience as a Practice Manager.

Ryan O'Connor

Originally from Invercargill, Ryan began working with Paterson Burn in 2015. He is one of the children's vision specialists in our Children's Vision Clinic and is also involved with Sports Vision.

Kim Stedman

Kim is a specialist in children’s vision. She has a keen interest in the link between vision development and learning. Kim has volunteered in the the Pacific Islands with the VOSO program. She is also fluent in Spanish.

Brian Appleyard

Brian qualified at the University of Auckland and has practiced in the Waikato for over 30 years. Since joining Paterson Burn he has furthered his training and completed his ocular therapeutics qualification. 

Jacky Cato-Symonds Rowe

Jacky is a well-established optometrist in the Auckland community. As practice manager at Paterson Burn Newmarket she specialises in myopia control and the treatment of dry eye conditions.

Tara-Leigh Putter

Tara-Leigh joined Paterson Burn Optometrists in 2016 and is originally from South Africa. Tara-Leigh examines and treats children and has special interests in dry eye and low vision.

Roger Lee

Roger is a specialist in Orthokeratology, Myopia control and has an interest in Dry Eye. Roger gained his Degree and Masters from the University of Auckland, and is fluent in Mandarin and English and can also understand Taiwanese.