Advanced Treatments & Clinics

Our clinics have been established for the detection and treatment of specific eye health conditions. The clinics offer specialised eye health services beyond the scope of a standard eye examination. Each clinic is run by passionate staff members with genuine interest in their chosen speciality.

We are continuing to add new advanced treatments by investing in continuing education for our staff and new technologies for our practices. Our current clinics available are The Children's Vision Clinic, The Low Vision Clinic, The Dry Eye Clinc, The Ortho K Clinic, The Irlen Clinic, and The Speciality Contact Lens Clinic. 

Sports Vision

Your Eyes are your Advantage

From hand-eye coordination and peripheral vision to visual memory and eye movements, visual skills have a huge impact on performance in the sporting arena. When a player is unable to achieve performance gains despite ample practice and training, an underlying vision problem is often the cause.

Are you Reaching your Sporting Potential?

Common signs of vision problems among athletes include:

  • Performance changing between day and night
  • Inconsistent performance
  • Difficulty focusing on moving objects
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Gradual loss of focus during a game
  • Trouble seeing objects on either side

Paterson Burn’s Sports Vision Training allows athletes to identify these problems in their own game, and improve their overall visual abilities. Our specialists work directly with athletes to create tailored programmes and training tools to help players excel both on and off the field.

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