Advanced Treatments & Clinics

Our clinics have been established for the detection and treatment of specific eye health conditions. The clinics offer specialised eye health services beyond the scope of a standard eye examination. Each clinic is run by passionate staff members with genuine interest in their chosen speciality.

We are continuing to add new advanced treatments by investing in continuing education for our staff and new technologies for our practices. Our current clinics available are The Children's Vision Clinic, The Low Vision Clinic, The Dry Eye Clinc, The Ortho K Clinic, The Irlen Clinic, and The Speciality Contact Lens Clinic. 

The Irlen Clinic

The Irlen Clinic

Irlen Syndrome is a condition where the brain's ability to process visual information can cause difficulty with basic tasks such as reading and comprehension. Those suffering from Irlen Syndrome can have trouble with concentration and reading especially when working in bright or fluorescent lighting.     

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Symptoms of Irlen Syndrome

  • Light sensitivity - difficulty concentrating or working under bright or fluorescent lights.
  • Difficulty reading print - words appear to move or shift and become difficult to recognise.
  • Slow or inefficient reading – skipping and missing words or inability to read letters or words in groups.
  • Distracted reading - concentrating on the process of reading rather than the content being read.

Irlen Screenings

You will first need a full eye examination to rule out the more common eye focusing and vision problems. Following this examination the optometrist will let you know if they feel that you may benefit from an Irlen Screening. The screening will determine whether you are affected by Irlen Syndrome, how severe it is and whether using an Irlen coloured overlay can help.

What are the treatments for Irlen Syndrome?

If problems are severe, then having tinted lenses in your glasses may be the answer.  The next step is to set up a diagnostic session where the precise colours needed to filter out the wavelengths of light causing the perceptual difficulties are found.  Once we have isolated the specific tint you require it can then be added to any prescription spectacles that may be needed.  If reading from a book is the only problem, a coloured overlay alone may be all that is needed to help.

Irlen screenings are available at Te Awamutu, Hamilton, Thames and Tokoroa. If a screening suggests that you can benefit from irlen lenses, the second stage diagnostic session is available at our Te Awamutu practice with Julie Gibson.

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