The Corporate Eyecare Programme is a staff benefits programme made available to staff by their employers. A business with 20 staff is the minimum business size applicable for membership. The Corporate Eyecare Programme provides employees the opportunity to purchase quality eyewear and eye care services at reduced costs. Ensuring your employees have great eye health is an integral step to optimum performance and we are very happy to support you with our corporate eyewear programme.

Membership Benefits for Employers and Employees

  • Free on-site vision screenings for your staff (if required).
  • All bookings and administration for the screenings provided at no charge.
  • Ongoing discounts off all spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses and prescription sunglasses.
  • Full eye examinations are charged at a reduced corporate rate.
  • Organisation or participation in Health Awareness Days at your business.
  • We will work on site with you and your staff to help find the best solutions to any visual needs within your workplace.
  • There is no cost to register your business in this programme.

For more information contact Martine Wong on 07 9035426or email


Safety Eyewear

Over 50% of eye injuries happen at work, if serious, eye injuries could lead to disability and loss of income. Make sure that all your eye safety hazards have been identified and that your staff wear the appropriate eye protection for your workplace.

All our practices are members of Site Safe and NZ Institute of Safety Management. We supply only Certified Prescription Safety Spectacles to our clients. Our product meets the AS/NZS 1337.6:2007 standard, which specifically covers the minimum requirements for prescription eye protectors against low and medium impacts from flying particles and fragments in the workplace. 

Whether you are after one pair for yourself, or would like a contract to supply the whole company - we are happy to provide it. For more information contact Martine Wong on 07 8393072 or email