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Whatever your style, glasses are a great accessory to complement and enhance your individuality. Our experienced team will assist you in deciding on the frame that is most suited to your prescription and your look.

If you have a particular frame style in mind, just ask and we will do our best to find what you are looking for.  If you would like a suggestion or help in choosing a suitable frame, our staff are happy to help select the best option for you.

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Repairs and Maintenance

We can provide basic repairs and maintenance on your spectacles free of charge. If there were to be a cost involved in our repair work we will let you know in advance.  You will receive a Warrant of Fitness notice when your spectacles are twelve months old, we ask you to come in for a free maintenance check to make sure that your frames and lenses are still in excellent condition. Feel free to come in at any other time for tightening, cleaning, screw or nosepad replacements, or any other issues you may have with your glasses - we are here to help and make sure that your spectacles are 100% suitable for your needs.


Our frames are warrantied for any type of manufacturer’s defect, under normal wearing conditions, for two years from the original date of purchase. Discontinued frames may be excluded. If your eyewear breaks due to a manufacturer’s defect, we will replace it with an identical frame style.


We're the sunglass specialists

Finally, you can enjoy prescription sunglasses without limitations. Thanks to advanced lens technology, we can manufacture prescription lenses to suit a wide range of prescription requirements. This same technology also enables you to select almost any sunglass frame. That means no more compromise on style and the ability to choose from top designer brands. The benefits of sunglass technology also mean you do not need to compromise your lifestyle - with prescription lenses, the outdoors is yours to enjoy.

Prescription Sunglasses

When you are outdoors, your eyes need protection from the sun, just like skin. Even spending a moderate amount of time in the summer sun without appropriate eye protection can be dangerous to your vision. That’s why all of our prescription sunglasses screen out 99.9% of harmful UV radiation.

If you like to live an active lifestyle then consider prescription sunglasses as an essential addition to your favourite activities. We have access to sunglass frames and lenses that are optimal for your active lifestyle. Come and ask us how we can help provide you with a sunglass option for sports.

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Our frames are warrantied for any type of manufacturer’s defect, under normal wearing conditions, for two years from the original date of purchase. Discontinued and some sale frames may be excluded. If your eyewear breaks due to a manufacturer’s defect, we will replace it with an identical frame style.


Your Prescription Lenses

Are road signs beginning to blur? Is reading close-up causing you headaches? There are many ways that poor vision can negatively affect your daily life, but we can find a vision solution to suit your needs. At Paterson Burn we ensure your lenses are uniquely tuned to your individual prescription and lifestyle requirements. Come and speak to our dispensing opticians and lens experts about your lifestyle needs and we will recommend a lens solution catered specifically to you. 

Our Wide Range of Lens Choices

There are a variety of lens options available to you, at Paterson Burn we discuss all your available options and work with you to choose the lens that best serves your needs.  Your Lenses can provide simple correction at one focal point, be perfected for use at work, or can enable you fulltime wear for all situations.
All of our lenses can be tailored for you further by selecting from a range of materials and coatings. Our staff will discuss with you which options will be optimal to your new glasses.

Adapting to Progressive Lenses - First Time Wearers

Progressive lenses offer you clear vision at distance, intermediate and near. We always explain to first time progressive wearers that it can take some time to adjust to the lenses. This is because of the peripheral compensation which occurs in order to obtain vision at all three distance points.

Here are some guidelines to help you through the adaption process:

  • Ensure they are fitting well - high on your nose and close to your eyes
  • Keep your new glasses on -  do not swap between your old and new pairs
  • Turn your whole head - follow the tip of your nose
  • When focussing on an object move your head up and down to find a head position where the object is clear
  • Trust that knowing where to position your head will soon become second nature
  • When walking down stairs tuck your chin in and look through the top of your lenses

For most people, adapting to new progressive lenses will only take a day or two but it may take a few weeks for others. If you have been wearing your glasses for more than two weeks and are still experiencing some discomfort, please come back and see us to discuss the situation further.


We supply a two year warranty against manufacturing defaults for all optical lenses purchased. The warranty begins from the original date of purchase, and covers lens defects which occur under normal wearing conditions. If you ever need your glasses assessed, adjusted, or cleaned please feel free to come see us at any time. We also encourage you to come in for a ‘warrant of fitness’ check, one year after purchase, to ensure your spectacles are in good order.

Contact Lenses

A convenient alternative to glasses

Contact lenses are the ever popular vision solution for people who want freedom from glasses. Contact lenses offer convenience, allowing you to pursue recreational activities with ease, wear fashion sunglasses or alternate your look. 

If you are considering contact lenses it is easy to give them a try, call one of our practices to discuss a free trial. 

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New Technologies & Possibilities

Recent advancements to contact lens technology means there really is something for everyone. If you think your prescription will hold you back from trying contact lenses, then you may be surprised about the variety of options now available.
New materials and lens designs can enable you to experience all the benefits of being a contact lens wearer. If you had thought that your prescription would limit you, then ask us about the possibilities provided by new generation contact lenses. 

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Conveniently order your contact lenses online and pick them up at your local practice.

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