Eye Care & Exams

Our Technology


The Nautilus is a Virtual Reality demonstration tool, released by Essilor, where the patient can experience different lens designs and treatments allowing them to choose their lenses with confidence before purchasing. The immersive experience simulates their future vision, allowing us to recommend the best visual solution for our patients needs.

To try out the Nautilus, book an eye exam with any of our practices here.

Visioffice & Vscope

The Visioffice is a highly sophisticated optical dispensing tool used to take the precise measurements that are required to manufacture modern lens designs. The Vscope is a portable version of the Visioffice tower that works in conjunction with an iPad. To ensure that we can offer you with latest lens designs all of our practices have invested in one of these tools.

Lens Edger

The lens edging machine allows us to cut your lenses into the shape of your new frame. We can get your new glasses to you quicker by having the ability to complete the lens manufacturing process on site. The lens edger is available at our Hamilton practice.

Retinal Camera

The retinal camera is a digital camera set up to take a picture of your fundus – the back of your eye.  The photograph taken will provide an image of your retina, optic disc and macula. The image will show any abnormalities that need to be assessed further. If everything looks typical the image will provide a baseline of your normal and we can use it to help assess any future changes.


The Ocular Coherence Tomographer is a retinal scanner. Other machines only show the surface of the retina but the OCT goes deeper. The OCT is able to take a cross section of the layers that make up the retina. This machine enables the optometrist to measure the delicate structures and any monitor changes. If the optometrist notices an abnormality they are able to refer you to an Ophthalmologist with a confident diagnosis.

Visual Fields Machine

Your visual field consists of two main parts, peripheral vision and the very centre of your vision. The Visual Fields Machine is used to detect the sensitivity of your vision in these areas. The assessment requires your participation to identify whether you see a series of flashing lights of various brightness. Your responses to the test will demonstrate whether your sensitivity is as good as it should be.


The corneal topographer is used to map the shape of the cornea – the thin clear cover of the front of the eye. The topography scan can create a 3-D map of your eye which can help the optometrist to better understand your visual difficulties. The topographer is a vital tool for our Ortho K and Speciality Contact Lens clinics.