Advanced Treatments & Clinics

Our clinics have been established for the detection and treatment of specific eye health conditions. The clinics offer specialised eye health services beyond the scope of a standard eye examination. Each clinic is run by passionate staff members with genuine interest in their chosen speciality.

We are continuing to add new advanced treatments by investing in continuing education for our staff and new technologies for our practices. Our current clinics available are The Children's Vision Clinic, The Low Vision Clinic, The Dry Eye Clinc, The Ortho K Clinic, and The Speciality Contact Lens Clinic. 

The Childrens Vision Clinic

Our focus on children

Much of our learning is achieved through sight, therefore, it is important to make sure that your child’s vision affords them the best opportunities to achieve their full potential. However, one in five children have a vision related learning difficulty. The Children’s Vision Clinic can identify and improve vision problems that may be effecting your child’s learning development.

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Why we have a specialised Children's Vision Clinic

Students need a wide variety of visual co-ordination skills to learn and get meaning and understanding from reading, writing and other classroom and outdoor activities.

If visual skills are not well developed, learning may become more stressful and difficult. Symptoms your child may exhibit include:

  • demonstrating a short attention span
  • tiring easily
  • avoiding reading or writing whenever possible
  • not easily comprehending the task at hand
  • closing one eye to read, write or concentrate
  • behavioural problems

We have the largest dedicated children's vision clinic in the Waikato

Our optometrist works with you and your child to diagnose and prescribe the best treatments available. Glasses, training activities or eye patches can help your child to control and improve their vision system and help them perform to their full potential.

All of our optometrists at Paterson Burn are qualified to diagnose and treat children but we have a specific team of optometrists who have undertaken further study in this area and have developed an exceptional ability for working with children.

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